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contact our technical manager if you have any question about formulation, production, test method and etc.

Chemists and biologists email us their CV if they are interested to work with us

Our R&D experts remain at your disposal if you have any question about technical information of materials.

History of Nardin Kala Co.

Nardin Kala Co. have spent two decade since the start of its extensive activities in the field of raw materials in the cosmetics industry, healthcare, pharmaceutical and animal, and now it is  known and prestigious among domestic manufacturers.

Now the company can claim that in  retrospect have effective step in this direction, so that, it can creat the channel which has a reliable scientific communication between domestic producers and a series of creditable global companies that have the exclusive representation of them in Iran.

In a short time, Nardin Kala could achieve the special place by provided welcoming of domestic producers via offering a special after-sales services like scientific consultations that is supported by new scientific achievements of foresaid companies.

• Research for find new and efficient row materials
• Review and assess the quality of the products (raw materials for cosmetics )
• Information and introduce raw materials to customers by sales experts completely
• Offer the full after-sale services

• Understanding customer needs and provide their demands by offering various products.
• upgrade the technical knowledge, skills and ability of employees to achieve objectives quality at work
• Provide better service to customers through cost reduction and optimization of existing capacity.
• Attract and develop employees in providing new methods of work with the aim of continuous improvement
• Qualitative development and increasing market share with the aim of protecting and promoting the optimal position of domestic production.

• provide high quality and new products
• offer the products with lowest price
• Quality assurance, all supplied products
• Allowing the extradition of products for any reason.